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Most common gun types I make holsters for:

1. Single action Colt (and clones) revolvers 4 3/4 - 8" barrels (base Cowboy on the Range Way design)
.38 - .357 - 45 - .44 calibers

2. Ruger Single Six type Single action .22 caliber revolvers 4 3/4" - 6" barrels

3. S&W K frame size double action revolvers 2"-6" barrels
.38 - .357 - .45 calibers

4. S&W J frame size double action revolvers 2"- 4" barrels
.22 - .38 - .357

5. Bersa Thunder - Walther PPK, Makarov size
.380 - 9mm caliber

6. Browning Hi Power - CZ 75 - Colt 1911 (and clones)
9mm - .45 acp

7. Ruger Bearcat .22 caliber 4"

8. S&W 5906, SD9, Glock 17, Ruger p40 and similar size automatics 9mm - .45 acp

9. S&W Governor/Taurus Judge 3" .45 long colt/.410 shotshell




How to fit your gun:

If your gun is not one listed here (see left column) please see the critical dimension charts below for revolvers and semi-automatics.

I have a wide variety of real and full scale replica guns, but of course I am not an arsenal. However there are only a few critical dimensions needed to ensure fit.

The charts below show specific guns but the critical dimensions are the same. For example: If you have an N Frame (i.e. S&W model 29) the A and B dimensions will be slightly larger than the K frame (S&W model 10) shown below. Small (J) frames are smaller. Ruger evolvers are not standar barrel length's but are close. Hammerless models do NOT do well with my designs.


Usually the most critical is:

- Barrel length
- top of gun to bottom of trigger guard
- for semi autos also square of round trigger guard

Frame size is important also - If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


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Definition of terms:

NOTE: The most common question I get is the difference between the drop loop and conventional holster style. The Mexican drop loop (the above holster in the diagram) is an old historic type design made from ONE large continuous piece of leather, with the back paddle slotted through to accommodate the gun pouch. These were one of the earliest styles of holsters in the Old West dating back to the 1850's.

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Only use heavy screwback conchos are used. And they always go through a front strap or drop loop... never the gun pouch, so no metal will touch your gun.

Below is a selection I generally use.

Below are some samples:



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