Let us help you create an enduring memory with custom art and design from your family treasures.


1. Send us your digital photos, captions and text as per package directions. Unlike website photos, for best results photos of 1-2 MB size work best.

If you have some photos that are not digital, we recomend you bring them to a local source like Kinkos or Office Max for scanning, but we can scan them for you for an additional cost of $5 per photo plus 8.95 return postage and handling. (Because of the heirloom value of personal photos we recommend you have them scanned and sent to us)

3. Allow 7-10 working days and we will send you a low resolution digital proof via e-mail. Upon approval, we will forward a high resolution file that you can either print yourself or bring to a commercial source such as Kinkos, or OfficeMax. In additon we will send you a low resolution version suitable for e-mailing to friends.

If we have any questions, we will e-mail you for clarification. Be sure to use the e-mail address you most commonly check because this is where we will contact you.

After that just be prepared to answer: "where did you get that great personal piece of art!"

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How to


- Great for Gifts
- Easy to order
- E-mail us for details


A single main image
with captions and or 2 or 3 secondary photos/graphics


send digital photos and captions of 3-5 words

"through the ages"
Combine 3-7 photos of one person in different ages in their lives. Add captions if desired.


The "Biggie"
15-20 photos and graphics based around a central theme. In this sample a 20 year anniversary.

Send photos along with captions for composing purposes.




Custom Holiday Cards by quotation only.
Please E-mail inquires along with description of purpose.


Top: Several shots were sent to us from a scuba diving trip to beautiful Canouan Island in the Carribbean including the rather unfriendly moray eel at bottom right. We pulled some of the water from the backgrounds to create the "cave" effect and added some stock shots of the island and other marine life from Canouan.


Center: Mom sent a single snapshot of her and her son along with some activities they enjoy, including Monopoly. We shot a little still-life of game cards and pieces along with the board and put them together as shown.





Bottom: The parents did not care for the "official" graduation photo, so instead sent a snap shot from their patio and a prom picture as well. We retouched the patio shot and integrated both shots along with his name into the sample shown.













The family sent a variety of snapshots from school pictures, to the wedding shot and a couple of of photos of their daughter between the age of 4 and 44. Since the main photo was black and white, we decolorized all the shots and added an overall tint to give the piece a vintage look.




No color options here because the originals of these pix went from 1882 to 1972. This traces a grandmother from the age of 12. The photo in upper left is her mother. The little girl on the left is the subject's little sister.